We provide commercial real estate knowledge and expertise that transcends typical brokerage services. We’re in the business of listening, understanding, and adding value. Below please find our list of advisory services covering various asset classes and specialties. Our goal is to listen, collaborate and serve your commercial real estate needs with Character, Competency and Certainty.

Multi-Family Properties

Our national Multi-Family Team offer both national reach and local expertise. When you’re looking to buy or sell a single property or a geographically diversified portfolio, SVN ® Advisors have the capability and capacity to advise you on all of your multi-family needs. Our team routinely works on properties ranging in scope and scale from a small apartment property in a tertiary market to large institutional caliber multi-state portfolios. We don’t discriminate based upon size (large or small) as we value long-term client relationships which requires working at all ends of the multi-family property spectrum.

SFR Bulk Portfolios


As cap rates have been continuing to compress across commercial real estate sectors and because of a challenging residential lending environment, institutional investors have capitalized on an opportunity to acquire large portfolios of single-family home rentals in recent years. This has created the single-family home rental as an emerging asset class in real estate over the last couple of years. In the last two years, a handful of these firms have had IPO’s and are now publicly-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

Because of these trends, owners of leased portfolios now have an opportunity to sell their properties to investors who will value their portfolio based on the underlying net operating income generated by the property, and exit out of their investments in one transaction.

Our Team

Our single-family portfolio team specializes in assisting owners of single-family home portfolios, owners of land zoned single-family, and single-family home developers with effective exit strategies for this emerging asset class.

We have been selling SFR portfolios since 2009 to both institutional investors as well as other private investors that see the benefits of owning a portfolio of single-family homes. Currently, we are working with and advising several developers of single-family homes that will be bringing portfolios ranging between 50 to 300 SFR’s in Dallas-Fort Worth to the market for the purpose of selling to institutional and private investors that will be adding these properties into their single-family home rental portfolio.

Our team joined SVN ® in 2014 to leverage their national platform, giving us the ability to sell SFR portfolios nationwide. Paul Yazbeck has served as a panelist sharing his expertise on SFR portfolio dispositions at conferences hosted by both IMN and Five Star. Click here to listen to him at IMN’s 4th Annual SFR Investment Forum held in December 2015.

Contact us today to get a Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) on your SFR portfolio. Additionally, we can advise builders on ways to right-size your new development in order to facilitate a bulk sale to an institutional investor. Please contact us to get more information.


When looking to buy, sell or lease un-entitled raw land for future development, immediately break ground on fully entitled land, receive assistance in site selection, or land bank for speculative purposes, the SVN ® Land Team stands ready to serve your needs. SVN ® advisors arm clients with all the information that could affect their investment such as site specifics like location, population shifts, cycles of consumer behavior, development opportunities and new zoning laws to name just a few.

Accelerated Marketing Group – Auctions

The national auction platform of SVN ® offers both the national reach and local expertise across all property types to ensure that an asset auctions in an environment that creates maximum competition for maximum value. By doing so, we can best arrive at a property’s true market value. The auction process removes the paradigm of pricing by encouraging vast market penetration and creates the best forum to understand a property’s true market value. Formats that are used by SVN ® Advisors include open out-cry auction and sealed bid auction. More information about each format is listed below:

Open Out-Cry Auction: This is by far the most traditional and recognized method of the auction process. Terms are set by the seller. Pre-sale marketing and due diligence are conducted beforehand and the auction event takes place at a predetermined date, time and location. Bidders are pre-qualified with certified funds to bid and the event is open and conducted live in a competitive environment.

Sealed Bid: While this is similar to the Open Out-Cry Auction, offers are submitted in a Sealed Bid format to a certain location at a predetermined date, time and location. Offers are then opened in a closed-door environment. The price is reviewed by the seller with the terms of the offering having been preset. This format provides for more control over the transaction and is usually best suited for hard to value assets. In this case, the seller has the flexibility to request “best and final” offers from qualified buyers in the competitive range of pricing.